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Subscription Brain Training Sites

Lumosity LogoLumosity is the premier site for monthly subscription online brain training. Lumosity has a comprehensive suite of high quality, science-based games and exercises to improve brain fitness that appeal to both men and women.

HAPPYneuron is a brain training platform that offers a library of interactive games for a scientifically-proven, personalized brain “workout” to maximize the brain’s capacity to learn, adapt to new information, and enable mental sharpness. Analytic tools suggest specific training sessions customized to your needs based on individual performance.  The cost is: $29.95 for 3 month membership, $79.95 for 1 year membership, $119.95 for 2 year membership, or $259.95 for Lifetime membership.

Challenging Our Minds is a subscription website providing web-based cognitive enhancement applications designed for children of all abilities age 8 and up that can also be used with adults with cognitive impairment. The cost is $25 per month.

Cognifit is a combination free – paid subscription online brain training website focusing on 14 different cognitive skills, such as short term memory, multi-tasking, attention span, and time estimation.  The free parts of the website serve as a “teaser” and do not have all of the functionality you would get as a paid subscriber. CogniFit charges $19.95 a month, $99.95 for six months, or $179.95 for a year.

Fit Brains is a combination free – paid subscription brain training website with games designed with the goal of enhancing memory, concentration and language. The free parts of the website serve as a “teaser” and do not have all of the functionality you would get as a paid subscriber.

Free Sites

The Dana Foundation is an excellent portal for brain research information, articles and other resources.

Ziplist is a very handy online grocery list and organizer.

Jigzone is an online Jigsaw Puzzle where you choose the level of difficulty (from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut).

Puzzles is a good resource for playing all kinds of puzzles online. Puzzles also has the Rush Hour Online Game.

Penguin Dinner Game: The objective in this fun, addictive time-management game is to help Penny make enough money to get back home to her family. You must serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more. To earn money you must seat your customers, take their orders, serve their orders and then collect your money – and it’s a lot to juggle.

Prevention Brain Games features fun brain games from the makers of Prevention Magazine.

Syvum Brain Teasers is an index of free online brain teasers and math puzzles at three levels of difficulty – Easy, Medium and Challenging. All the brain teasers and math puzzles are interactive and dynamic with immediate scoring and explanations in order to provide continuous learning and entertainment.

Braingle is a site with over 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by Braingle users, and also features a large array of unique online multiplayer games.

Freerice is a non-profit that has a vocabulary builder game on their website.