Productivity Systems

Any kind of brain injury can be quite disabling to individuals in cognitively-demanding occupations. Lost productivity is a consistent problem. People with brain injuries often acquire cognitive impairments  – cognitive “glitches” – that can interfere with productivity, organizational ability, safety and interpersonal relationships. Patricia Youngman advises using a variety of coping strategies and “work-arounds” to deal with cognitive “glitches.”

If you have any trouble organizing your day or difficulty focusing on important tasks, Patricia Youngman highly recommends using innovative productivity systems and tools to help you focus, prioritize tasks, organize yourself, and reduce cognitive fatigue. The solutions laid out here are geared to help you regain a sense of confidence in your ability to manage the demands of daily life.

Livescribe Echo Digital PenLivescribe is an entire system that requires the Livescribe Echo Digital Smartpen as well as specialized notepads and ink cartridge refills. Livescribe records notes two ways: it creates digital copies of everything you hand write while simultaneously recording the audio. It links the hand written notes and audio so you can quickly play back specific audio sections by tapping on different parts of your notes. Upload the notes and audio to your computer where the Livescribe software archives and makes your notes fully searchable. Note that the 8G model of the Livescribe Echo Digitial Smartpen records up to 800 hours of audio. Try modifying the Cornell Note Taking Method to use with Livescribe to maximize your note-taking efficiency and recall. For more details, check out the Livescribe Store.

Grammarly Grammar CheckerIf writing causes you stress and cognitive fatigue, you may want to consider trying the Grammarly software solution to make you more productive. Grammarly is a software platform that describes itself as “an automated proofreader and personal grammar coach” and “the most accurate tool for grammar correction on the market.”  In summary, Grammarly claims to (1) identify and correct over 250 different grammatical mistakes and offer useful explanations as your “grammar coach,” (2) check spelling to locate and correct misspelled words in your writing, (3) check contextual word usage for correctly-spelled words you may have used incorrectly, and (4) identify and offer measures to avoid plagiarism based on online comparisons. Grammarly has an online “software as a service” with monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. Grammarly also has a software add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook for the PC, but not for the Mac.

New iPadThe Apple iPad is the best solution to keep organized and increase productivity.  There are numerous solutions to organize your day, week, month, and life (such as the calendar and reminders applications that come installed on the iPad). There are also numerous downloadable applications to enhance sleep, take notes, set alarms and play brain training games  – some of these are listed on the targeted apps page.


Leather iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
iPad Leather Case with Wirelesss Bluetooth KeyboardThis portfolio-style case protects your iPad, allows for a good screen viewing angle, and effectively turns your iPad into a “mini laptop.” It comes with a removable, wireless keyboard that magnetically clips into two positions on case, or detaches for typing anywhere. The keyboard has a long battery life and real-click keys. This case is compatible with iPad with Retina display, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad 2 tablets – but not compatible with the iPad 1.


Tablet Pen For Touch Screen Devices
Wacom Bamboo StylusA tablet pen is designed to feel like real pen in your hand. It has an ambidextrous design so that it works tilted left, right or straight down. It gives the ability to easily tap on the iPad apps and navigate. The silicone tip usually works better than a finger to accurately select tiny buttons or apps.

The Wacom Bamboo Stylus is a premium, ergonomic stylus pen that has a weighted, balanced feel. It is easy to handle, and excellent if you want to use the iPad for drawing, sketching or taking notes. In addition to black, The Bamboo stylus also comes in colors such as white, green, and turquoise.