Have you had a brain injury? Do you suffer from cognitive “glitches?”  You know if you do. You can’t seem to stay focused. You’re exhausted and you  just can’t get things done. Your mind seems to be in a perpetual fog. Sometimes you can’t even remember what you were just doing. And sometimes thoughts slip away and you forget what you are doing in the middle of doing it.

It’s time to reclaim your brain.

Cognitive Action is a valuable resource for both cognitive therapists and people with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). This is a comprehensive guide of resources for people who need real solutions to recover from cognitive “glitches” and retrain their brains for the future. These resources have been compiled by Patricia K. Youngman, MS, CCC-Sp – a prominent Cognitive Therapist and Speech/Language Pathologist in the Greater Seattle Area who is passionate about helping people with cognitive “glitches” from brain injuries to retrain their brains to function to their highest possible capacity.

Patricia Youngman organizes her recommended resources into six sections:

Productivity Systems
iPad Applications
Brain Training Software Programs
Mind Enhancing Games
Recommended Books
Online Resources